1797 – Nathaniel Briggs of NH patents a washing machine.
1899 – William Fleming received a patent for a player piano using electricity.
1933 –  “42nd Street” the movie, was copyrighted.
2000 – The Patent and Trademark Office became the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” and began operations as a Performance-Based Organization.
1870 – 15th Amendment to the US constitution is adopted, guarantees right to vote regardless of race
1956 – Woody Guthrie’s song, “This Land Is Your Land” was copyrighted.
1981 Ananda Chakrabarty patented a new single cell life form
1965 US orders first combat troops to Vietnam
1976 Stephen Wozniak and Steve Jobs found Apple Computer in the garage of Jobs’ parents’ house in Cupertino, California
1953 Arthur Miller’s The Crucible a play in 4 acts was copyrighted.