1984 8 men record longest distance (13 miles) rowed in 24 hours
1960 1st weather satellite launched (TIROS 1)
1868 A Hawaiian surfs on highest wave ever – a 50-foot tidal wave
1882 Wood block alarm invented, when alarm rang, it dropped 20 wood blocks
1827 English chemist John Walker invents wooden matches
1923 1st brain tumor operation under local anesthetic performed (Beth Israel Hospital in NYC) by Dr K Winfield Ney
1872 Samuel R Percy patents dried milk
1878 Harley Procter introduces Ivory Soap
1983 Tokyo Disneyland opens
1930 DuPont scientist Elmer K. Bolton invents neoprene using Julius Nieuwland’s divinyl acetylene
1878 NY installs 1st firehouse pole
1827 Irish mathematician and astronomer William Rowan Hamilton presents his Theory of Systems of Rays
1808 1st practical typewriter finished by Italian Pellegrini Turri
1952 Mr Potato Head is 1st toy advertised on television