1921    Harry Houdini was granted patent #1,370,316 for a “diver’s suit”
1861    The Patent Act of 1861 increased term of a patent grant from 14 to 17 years, now it is 20 years.
1904    Dr. Seuss born
1899    Felix Hoffmann patented “Aspirin”.
1876    Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
1994    Don Ku granted a patent for a wheeled suitcase with a collapsible towing handle.
1954    Gladys Geissman was granted a patent for a baby’s garment.
1959    Barbie makes her debut
1891    Almon Strowger was issues a patent for the automatic telephone exchange
1944    Abbott and Costello’s “Baseball Routine”, also known as “Who’s On First” was copyrighted.
1794    Eli Whitney was granted patent for the cotton gin.
1879    Albert Einstein was born.
1994    William Hartman was issued a patent for a method and apparatus for painting highway markings – the stripes etc.
1845    The first rubber band was patented by Stephen Perry of London.
1885    The Blast Furnace Charger was patented by Fayette Brown.
1883    Jan Matzeliger was issued patent #274,207 for a “lasting device for shoes”. Matzeliger’s invention made the mass production of inexpensive shoes possible.
1841    Orlando Jones patented cornstarch.
1960    Schawlow and Townes were issued a patent for the laser.
1959    Charles Townes was granted a patent for the maser, the precursor to the laser.
1990    Harold Osrow and Zvi Bleier received a patent for a portable ice cream machine.
1956    Woody Guthrie’s song, “This Land Is Your Land” was copyrighted.
1981    Ananda Chakrabarty patented a new single cell life form