1868 Stapler patented in England by C H Gould
1872 George Westinghouse Jr patents triple air brake for trains
1822 Charles Graham of NY granted first US patent for artificial teeth
2006 Liquid water is discovered on Enceladus, the sixth largest moon of Saturn
1877 American Chester Greenwood patents earmuffs after inventing them at age 15
1868 Postage stamp canceling machine patent issued
1646 Joseph Jenkes receives the 1st patent in North America for making scythes from the General Court of Massachusetts
1869 Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table of the elements to the Russian Chemical Society
1952 1st plastic lens for cataract patients fitted (Philadelphia)
1954 1st newspaper vending machine used (Columbia Pennsylvania)
1794 Josiah Pierson patents a “cold-header” (rivet) machine
1858 Streetcar patented (E A Gardner of Philadelphia)
1880 Flour rolling mill patented (John Stevens of Wisconsin)
1903 The Wright brothers 1st file a patent for a flying machine, which is granted 3 years later
1845 Patent awarded for adhesive medicated plaster, precursor of band-aid
1796 Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician, discovers the construction of the heptadecagon
1858 Pencil with attached eraser patented (Hyman L Lipman of Philadelphia)
1950 Phototransistor invention announced, Murray Hill, New Jersey