1972 – William Kolff obtained a patent for the soft shell mushroom shaped artificial heart.
1932 – James Markham received the first fruit tree patent for a peach tree.
1937 – DuPont Corp patents nylon, developed by employee Wallace H Carothers.
1691 – Thomas Neale was granted an English patent for American postal service.
1776 – 1st volume of Gibbon’s “Decline & Fall of Roman Empire” published.
1827 – Chester Stone patented a washing machine.
1883 – A Ashwell patented free-toilet in London.
1933 – 1st issue of “Newsweek” magazine published.
1962 – Beach Boys introduced a new musical style with their hit “Surfin.”
1879 – Auguste Bartholdi was granted a design patent for the Statue of Liberty.
1901 – H Cecil Booth patented a dust removing suction cleaner.
1856 – Tin-type camera patented by Hamilton Smith, Gambier, Ohio.
1878 – Thomas Edison received a patent for the phonograph.
1906 – Will Keith Kellogg and Charles D. Bolin found the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company which is now the multinational food manufacturer Kellogg’s.
1960 – Bil Keane’s “Family Circus” cartoon strip debuts.