1938  Franklin Roosevelt founds March of Dimes
1959  Alaska admitted into Union
1972  Willy Wonka’s trademark was registered.
1996  GM announces the Electric Car
1999  Euro has its debut
1925  Agronomist George Washington Carver was granted patent #1,522,176 for cosmetics.
1919  Theodore Roosevelt dies
1906  Campbell’s soup was trademark registered.
2007  Steve Jobs debuts the IPhone
1932  First elected female senator
1915  DOUBLEMINT gum was trademark registered.
1871  Charles Goodyear, Jr. patented the Goodyear Welt, a machine for sewing boots and shoes.
1875  The first electric dental drill was patented by George Green.
1909  Milk-Bone Brand was trademark registered.
1880  Patent #223,898 was granted to Thomas A. Edison, for “an electric lamp for giving light by incandescence”.
1893  COCA-COLA trademark for “nutrient or tonic beverages” registered.