1869       James Oliver invented the removable tempered steel plow blade.
1876       National League of Baseball is founded
1887       First groundhog day
1965       Alfonso Alvarez received a patent for “dual-vent windows”.
1917       SUNMAID raisins were trademark registered.
1775       Benjamin Franklin publishes  “An Imaginary Speech”
1916       Charles Kettering received a patent for a self-starting automobile engine.
1811       Robert Fulton was granted a patent for the practical steamboat
1976       Sidney Jacoby was granted a patent for a combination smoke and heat detector alarm.
1979       Charles Chidsey received a patent for male baldness solution.
1854       Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson patented a firearm.
1919       Wilson presents draft covenant for League of Nations
1929       Valentine’s Day Massacre takes place
1970       Gallup Poll released
1846       John Drummond was granted a patent for molds for the manufacture of candles.
1865       John Deere received a patent for ploughs
1916       Ernst Alexanderson was issued a patent for a selective radio tuning system.
1900       Felix Hoffman patented acetyl salicylic acid aka aspirin.
1953       DNA discovered
1984       Donald Mauldin received a patent for a knee brace.