1815 World’s first commercial cheese factory established, in Switzerland
1878 Frederick Thayer patents catcher’s mask (pat # 200,358)
1879 1st artificial ice rink in North America (Madison Square Garden, NYC)
2019 Rare Black panthers spotted for the first time in nearly 100 years in Laikipia County, Kenya
1895 Moving picture projector patented
1794 1st US textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia
1803 Apple parer patented by Moses Coats, Downington, Pennsylvania
1894 Venus is both a morning star & evening star
1978 1st “micro on a chip” patented by Texas Instruments
1879 Sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi is awarded a patent for his design for the Statue of Liberty
1842 1st known sewing machine patented in US, John Greenough, Washington, D.C.
1878 World’s 1st telephone directory issued, 50 subscribers (New Harbor, Connecticut)
1932 Camera exposure meter patented, WN Goodwin
1947 1st instant developing camera demonstrated by Edwin Land in NYC
1895 Michael Owens of Toledo, Ohio, patents a glass-blowing machine
1930 1st red & green traffic lights installed (Manhattan NYC)
1935 RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) first demonstrated by Robert Watson-Watt