1736 Astronomer Anders Celsius takes measurements that confirm Newton’s theory that the earth was an ellipsoid rather than the previously accepted sphere
1834 First US dental society organized (NY)
1835 First US mutual fire insurance company issues first policy (Rhode Island)
1910 Neon lights first publicly displayed (Paris Auto Show)
1846 C F Schoenbein obtains patent for cellulose nitrate explosive
1854 Aaron Allen of Boston patents folding theater chair
1876 Daniel Stillson (Mass) patents 1st practical pipe wrench
1879 1st automatic telephone switching system patented
1719 1st recorded display of Aurora Borealis in north American colonies (New England)
1844 1st dental use of nitrous oxide, Hartford, Connecticut
1909 Colored moving pictures demonstrated at Madison Square Garden, NYC
1913 “Mona Lisa” recovered 2 years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum
1955 1st prototype of hovercraft patented by British engineer Christoper Cockerell
1957 US announces manufacture of Borazon (harder than diamond)
1970 Small Astronomy Satellite Explorer 42 launched to study X-rays
1759 First music store in America opens (Philadelphia)
1816 Patent for a dry dock issued to John Adamson, Boston
1903 Italo Marcioni patents ice cream cone mound (New Jersey)
1920 1st US postage stamps printed without the words United States or US
1957 World’s 1st full scale nuclear power plant begins to generate electricity, at the Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania
1958 Project SCORE, world’s 1st communications satellite launched from Cape Canaveral
1612 First observation of Neptune – Galileo observes and records a “fixed star” without realising it is a planet
1849 M Jolly-Bellin discovers dry-cleaning, he accidentally upset lamp containing turpentine & oil on his clothing & sees cleaning effect
1877 John Stevens, applies for a patent for his flour rolling mill